Student Pastor Search

IBC's Student Pastor Search Committee has begun its work to find God's man to lead us in reaching and ministering to the next generation. We have developed a 10-phase process that will guide our search. We have posted it here so that you can see our progress (it will state completed following the phase) and pray for each of us at each step along the way.


Phase 1 - Gather resumes - completed

Phase 2 - Narrow to top 7 candidates - completed

Phase 3 - Candidates complete a written questionnaire - completed

Phase 4 - Narrow to top 3 candidates - completed

Phase 5 - Send candidates info packets - completed

Phase 6 - Skype interviews / check references - completed

Phase 7 - Narrow to top 1 candidate - completed

Phase 8 - In-person interview of candidate

Phase 9 - Bring candidate in for weekend in view of a call

Phase 10 - Church vote